8th International Conference on
Model and Data Engineering (MEDI 2018)

24 - 26 October 2018, Marrakesh, Morocco

Accepted Papers

List of Accepted Papers

Modeling and Evaluating Cross-Layer Elasticity Strategies in Cloud Systems

Khaled Khebbeb, Nabil Hameurlain and Faiza Belala

Towards OntoUML for Software Engineering: Experimental Evaluation of Exclusivity Constraints in Relational Databases

Zdenek Rybola and Michal Valenta

Feedback-Oriented Assessor Model. Application: Allocation of Submissions in Online Peer Assessment.

Abrache Mohamed-Amine, Khalid Megder and Chihab Cherkaoui

Spatial Batch-Queries Processing using xBR+-trees in Solid-State Drives

George Roumelis, Michael Vassilakopoulos, Antonio Corral, Athanasios Fevgas and Yannis Manolopoulos

Mortadelo: A Model-Driven Framework for NoSQL Database Design

Alfonso de La Vega, Diego García-Saiz, Carlos Blanco, Marta Zorrilla and Pablo Sanchez

A Correct-by-construction model for Attribute-Based Access Control

Hania Gadouche, Zoubeyr Farah and Abdelkamel Tari

A Formal Model for Interaction Specification and Analysis in IoT Applications

Souad Marir, Faiza Belala and Nabil Hameurlain

Voronoi-Diagram based partitioning for distance join query processing in SpatialHadoop

Francisco Garcia-Garcia, Antonio Corral, Luis Iribarne and Michael Vassilakopoulos

A new way of handling missing data in multi-source classification based on adaptive imputation

Ikram Abdelkhalek, Afef Ben Brahim and Nadia Essoussi

Graph Pattern Matching Preserving Label-Repetition Constraints

Houari Mahfoud

Scrum and V lifecycle combined with Model-Based Testing and Model Driven Architecture to deal with Evolutionary System Issues

Imane Essebaa and Salima Chantit

Formalizing Railway Signaling System ERTMS/ETCS Using UML/Event-B

Abderrahim Ait Wakrime, Rahma Ben Ayed, Simon Collart-Dutilleul, Yves Ledru and Akram Idani

Formalizing Reusable Communication Models for Distributed Systems Architecture

Quentin Rouland, Brahim Hamid and Jason Jaskolka

CRank: A Novel Framework For Ranking Semantic Web Ontologies

Jean Vincent Fonou Dombeu and Serestina Viriri

A Gamification and Objectivity based Approach to Improve Users Motivation in Mobile Crowd Sensing

Hasna Elalaoui Elabdallaoui, Abdelaziz El Fazziki, Fatima Zohra Ennaji and Mohamed Sadgal

Thing Federation as a Service: Foundations and Demonstration

Zakaria Maamar, Khouloud Boukadi, Emir Ugljanin, Thar Baker, Muhammad Asim, Mohammed Al-Khafajiy and Djamal Benslimane

A Valid BPMN Extension for Supporting Security Requirements Based On Cyber Security Ontology

Mohamed El Amine Chergui and Sidi Mohamed Benslimane

A graph-based model for tag recommendations in clinical decision support system

Sara Qassimi, El Hassan Abdelwahed, Meriem Hafidi and Rachid Lamrani

Adaptive Algorithms for Computing Ontologies Metrics through Processing of RDF Graphs

Jean Vincent Fonou Dombeu and Yannick Kazela Kazadi

NoSQL Databases -- Seek for a Design Methodology

Chaimae Asaad and Karim Baïna

A Dynamic Analysis for Reverse Engineering of Sequence Diagram Using CPN

Chafik Baidada, El Mahi Bouziane and Abdeslam Jakimi

Domain-oriented Verification Management

Vincent Leilde, Vincent Ribaud, Ciprian Teodorov and Philippe Dhaussy

A Formalized Pro cedure for Database Horizontal Fragmentation In Isab elle/HOL Pro of Assistant

Salmi Cheikh, Chaabani Mohamed and Mezghiche Mohamed

Ensuring the Functional Correctness of IoT through Formal Modeling & Verification

Samir Ouchani

Standard and Dialectal Arabic Text Classification for Sentiment Analysis

Mohcine Maghfour and Abdeljalil Elouardighi

Mechanizing the denotational semantics of the Clock Constraint Synchronization Language

Mathieu Montin and Marc Pantel

Three Extensions to Hybrid Event-B to Support Rigorous Development of Cyber-Physical Systems

Klaus-Dieter Schewe

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